50 books in a year of being 50

In this year of being 50 I have decided to follow one of my creative passions
and make 50 handmade books over the year.

Early next year I will find a way to exhibit the books and auction them.

The money raised will go to Plum Village in France,
a monastic retreat centre inaugurated by Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Book number 47, Magpie book

Current bid for this book stands at £30
This Magpie books features some of my favourite quotes, from a variety of sources including Thich Nhat Hanh, Emily Bronte, Shakespeare and Rumi.
It has a jewel-like front cover in blue, turquoise and gold and the pages are made from plastic sewn together to encase each quote. It measures 14 x 15cm, has 22 pages and is finished with a concertina spine.

This is the front cover.

And here are the details of some of the pages.

Book number 46, Lilac coptic jewels

Current bid for this book stands at £15
Yet another coptic bound book, this time with jewelled beads decorating the front cover. It has a lilac cover and pages. The book measures 8 x 8cm and has 128 pages. It closes with thread wrapped around a bead on edge of the spine.

Here is the cover showing the beautiful jewel-like beads on the front and the fastening.

And here are the inside pages.

Book number 45, Book of charms

Current bid for this book stands at £12
This is another coptic bound book with sewing charms attached to the front cover as part of the spine binding. The covers are bound with thick handmade paper interwoven with threads. It measures 10.5 x 27cm and has 96 pages of cream paper.

This is the front cover showing the detail of the charms and the paper cover.

And here is more detail of the spine and charms.

Book number 44, Shakespearean love quotes

Current bid for this book stands at £25
This is a copy of a small book I made a few years ago. It is a luxurious concertina book with a love quote from Shakespeare on each page and heart-shaped cut-outs. It closes with a magnet and measures14 x 10cm. The front cover is decorated with decoupage, small pieces of decorative paper glued in place and varnished.

This is the front cover which wraps round the book and fastens at the back with a magnet.

This shows the detail of some of the inside pages.

Book number 43, Lotus book

Current bid for this book stands at £10
This is a version of coptic binding with each signature being sewn directly into the outer spine of the cover and decorated with beads. The pages are two shades of lilac. The book measures 14 x 14cm with a magnet closure. It has 144 pages.

This shows the front cover with running stitch embroidery and a lotus flower embroidered onto the closure.

Here is the spine decorated with beads.

This shows the pages and the lotus flower.

Book number 42, Pastel coptic

Current bid for this book stands at £15
This is another coptic bound book made from pastel pages, graph paper and card of varying sizes. The height of the pages measure from 9 to 15.8cm. The whole book measures 16 x 16cm with 192 pages.

This is the front cover, with a delightful die cut autumnal border.

This shows the coptic spine binding

And here are the pages of various sizes.

Book number 41, Green jewel coptic

Current bid for this book stands at £22
It's been a while since I posted any of the books so here are a few all coming together. I'm also aware it's getting close to the end of the year and the deadline I set for myself. At the moment I have 3 to finish and one of them will take a while! We'll see how it goes!
Green jewel coptic is the biggest book I have made, it measures 26x19.5cm and has 40 pages. It is a coptic bound, plain notebook with handmade thick cream paper and a green cover woven with jewelled papers.

This is the front cover, with the jewelled papers woven directly into the bookcloth covering.

This is the spine showing the coptic binding, my current favourite way of making books!