50 books in a year of being 50

In this year of being 50 I have decided to follow one of my creative passions
and make 50 handmade books over the year.

Early next year I will find a way to exhibit the books and auction them.

The money raised will go to Plum Village in France,
a monastic retreat centre inaugurated by Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Book number 10, Sparkling stars

Current bid for this book stands at £15
I recently went on a Makers retreat and we were invited to make a concertina book. I have done this before but I was intrigued to see what may come out in a room inspired by other people. I also had some lovely gold paisley paper with me that I was keen to use for something, so I decided this was it. I had also written a poem about the night and the early morning so here were the words.

Here is the book closed, fastening with a ribbon and magnets, and here is the book open, giving a better indication of the colour of the paper. The book measures 6.5 x 10cm (I was rather interested in small books on this weekend, they got smaller as the weekend went on!)
The book is a concertina that folds in on itself.
The words say, "the sparkling stream of stars at night has become a morning full of birdsong. The moon gently smiles upon an awakening world, inviting us to dance in oneness".

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