50 books in a year of being 50

In this year of being 50 I have decided to follow one of my creative passions
and make 50 handmade books over the year.

Early next year I will find a way to exhibit the books and auction them.

The money raised will go to Plum Village in France,
a monastic retreat centre inaugurated by Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Books, numbers 2 & 3, Button book and Turquoise Paisley

Current bid for this book (no 2 Button book) stands at £12
I made the next two books at the same time, same size with different covers. They each measure 16cm tall x 11cm wide.
Number 2 - Buttons
This has paper buttons glued to the front cover (that was a good day, discovering there were 2 paper punched for buttons!) and real mother of pearl buttons sewn down the spine. 
One of these serves as the closure round which to wind the thread. The cover is a turquoise bookcloth. This has 154 pages and a thread and button page marker. 
The pages are a random mix of most plain pages in various colours, mainly blues and purple, interspersed with graph paper and pages from a dictionary.
Current bid for this book (no 3 Turquoise Paisley) stands at £15
Number 3 - Turquoise Paisley is the same size as Buttons and has the same number of pages. The colours of these pages are blue, purple, pink and cream, again interspersed with graph paper and dictionary pages. 
This is the cover, covered in some beautiful paper I got from a fabulous website called Namaste http://www.namaste-uk.com/. They sell lovely items imported from Thailand, including both of these wonderful papers.

 The turquoise is used for the spine and as the endpapers, the inside covers. The book closes with two ribbons, in blue and turquoise.

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